Lyndhurst House

Designed by Ensoul & Made by Mark Antony

Precision at its finest

A clean and contemporary property was fitted with made-to-measure storage and furniture, which helped turn a work of art into an idyllic home for our client. The modern design meant that our team required absolute precision and skill to ensure the finish was faultless. Like many of our projects, this was a collaboration with luxury interior design firm Ensoul.

The sheer size of the metal used in some of these pieces made this job particularly challenging. A metal fabricator produced the frames, some of which were floor-to-ceiling in height. Our expert team then clamped the skeletons together in the workshop and built everything around them - something that can only be achieved with experience, patience and accuracy. Accentuating the natural beauty of the wood, we used a raw sanding technique to retain as many of its natural markings as possible. This gave the wood a rustic look and added warmth to contrast against the dark metal.


Finishing touches

Unique metal hardware by Buster + Punch was selected to complement our work. Details like the signature knurling seen on the closet handles are the little details which have a big impact overall.

Masterfully designed

Black stained tulip was selected for the walk-in wardrobe in the bedroom - a bold choice that at full scale adds drama and splendour to the piece. This juxtaposed to the cut and shape which was clean and simple, is what makes it so sophisticated. Sensor triggered LED strip lighting was used with a milky diffuser, to give a soft glowing effect.

To ensure this had the desired look we crafted the piece in such a way that ensured all cables were completely concealed. Achieving this aesthetic in a plastered room, with no visible fixings is a testament to our team’s desire to produce exceptional work for our clients.

Through clever design and careful craftsmanship, we were able to incorporate hidden drawers into numerous cabinets, yielding a seamless quality whilst providing ample storage. In this project each item, entirely one of a kind, was made with the same passion, care and expertise that we apply to everything we do.